Craigal R. Lindo

"See the good in others through the eyes of Love. Share your smile so others can see the kindness in you & walk away feeling your Love."
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Born and raised in Jamaica, Craigal R. Lindo is a poet described as a newcomer worth watching. Craigal began writing over ten years ago. Today, his focus of poems contains different ways of sharing love, dreams and desires to that special someone. His belief and writing selection is geared toward two aspects: Heart felt words and Uniqueness, which he strongly believes differentiates him as a writer. He hopes that the messages conveyed in his poetry will touch his readers in a special way.

Some of the works included in "Heart's Glory" include "Destiny", "Sweet Emotions", "Brighter Days", and "New Life" just to name a few. Being a hopeless romantic, he incorporated his views of love into words. Having an emotional expression of love to share, he ventured into creating this book, containing 50 poems sharing the heart's views of love and being in love.

Craigal is committed to bringing a new energy into the poetic marketplace with the creation of new ideas and concepts that will add value for each reader. His focus continues upon the creation of new writings that show a different perspective of love, thereby constantly offering a new outlook to love and it's impact. The driving force behind Craigal writings is that his heart is in the poems he writes.